Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apocalyptic Storm Brewing In The Middle East

The West doesn't seem to have the determination to prevent Iran from obtaining the BOMB, and plainly speaking, it appears that war is coming. Israel, left with no alternatives, may feel compelled to launch a preemptive strike against Iran. This entire region could well go up in flames, as Iran continues to develop a nuclear weapon.

Joel C. Rosenberg provided the following points in an article for Bible Prophecy Today:

1. Iran has just been caught secretly building a 2nd uranium enrichment facility on a military base in the religious capital of Iran, a city known as Qom;
2. A growing number of Western military analysts say the design of this new facility — and its secrecy, and location — clearly indicates it was being built by Iran for the purpose of creating nuclear weapons;
3. Iran has thus been caught in its third lie since 2002 with regards to building secret nuclear development facilities in Natanz, Arak, and now Qom;
4. Ahmadinejad refused four times during his NBC News interview last week to rule out the building of nuclear weapons;
5. A.Q. Khan — the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons development program – has just admitted selling advanced nuclear weapons blueprints years ago to Iran for millions of dollars;
6. The latest IAEA report indicates Iran has enough low-enriched uranium (LEU) to produce enough high-enriched uranium (HEU) by 2010 to produce two nuclear weapons;
7. Iran has just spent the weekend testing “its most advanced missiles” capable of reaching Israel;
8. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began his speech to the U.N. by praying for Allah to hasten the coming of the Islamic Messiah, which according to his theology requires the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization as we know it;
9. Ahmadinejad spoke more openly about his End of the World theology during his U.N. speech than ever before;
10. Ahmadinejad was asked for the first time by an American reporter to describe his relationship with the “Twelfth Imam” and admitted on camera that he is communicating with this mystical Shia messiah.

Israel has made it clear that they will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Russia has stated Israel is ready now, and will attack.

Now is the time to act to halt the Iranian nuclear program, Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Senators over the weekend.

This message from Prime Minister Netanyahu, came a day after evidence was presented at the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburg, of a clandestine Iranian nuclear facility.
Israel believes Iran is a strategic threat due to its missle development, its nuclear programs, and Iran's continued references by Ahmadinejad to the destruction of Israel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canada Walking Out On Ahmadinejad At U.N.

The nation of Germany has vowed that it will walk out on Mahmoud, if during his speech he should begin his typical Holocaust denial and gets into his Jew hatred rants. Germany is also encouraging other countries of the E.U. to do the same also. Canada, however, has even gone a step further.

Via the National Post:

Canada will boycott Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations on Wednesday, saying his outbursts about the Holocaust and Israel are “shameful.”

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon will be at the world body to attend the opening of the UN General Assembly’s annual debate, but officials signal he and other members of the Canadian delegation will vacate the Canadian seats when the Islamic republic’s President approaches the podium.

Walking out of the chamber is seen as a strong diplomatic show of disgust at the UN — and since the chamber is generally packed on the first day of the annual summit, Canada’s empty seats will not go unnoticed.

One of the first speakers of the day will be U.S. President Barack Obama, who is making his debut address before the assembly.

“President Ahmadinejad’s repeated denial of the Holocaust and his anti-Israel comments run counter to the values of the UN General Assembly, and they’re shameful,” said one Canadian official.

“He uses his public appearances to provoke the international community, and that is why Canada’s seats will be empty.”

What about our U.S. delegation?? Does anyone really expect them to walk out? I don't think so. If they should, that would tend to make Mr. Obama's conditionless talks, (from his thinking), with Iran difficult. At least one North American member of the U.N. is standing up, it's a shame it couldn't be the U.S. Until the next time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Homosexuality and The End Times

In reading the Bible, we find that one of the reasons that God sent the flood as Judgment was partly due to people turning from God and turning to homosexuality. When this took place, God stepped in and all those people who did not follow what God had lain out for them, were swept away in the waters of the flood. I believe that what is important for us to remember here is this, Jesus said the same thing would take place again in the last generation. A generation that would turn aside from God and again, turn to homosexuality the way it was in the days of Noah.

The Bible is clear in speaking about the "sin" of homosexuality. There isn't any gray area when we examine what the Word says about this sin, and God's view of it. It doesn't mean we are to judge anyone, we are to love the sinner, but we must sound the alarm about the "sin". The Bible warns us about this issue of homosexuality and one thing is for sure, judgment is coming to this world again. If the homosexual community becomes upset because Christians are trying to witness to them, it isn't the Christian they are upset at. It is the Word, and what it says regarding the homosexual. One of the final signs of a world that is unrepentant is the sign of homosexuality (the days of Noah), and it is upon us and growing at a frightening pace. We as a people, are more and more being asked to accept it as a normal lifestyle. Even some denominations have agreed to allow homosexual members, and even practicing homosexuals as clergy.

There are those practicing homosexuality that proclaim men and women do not choose this life style. If I accept this, then I must accept God created them homosexual and yet, God tells us the homosexual will not enter heaven. This is against the very nature of God, and against everything He has said in His Word. The homosexual would say that God created me this way and there is nothing I can do about it. This is just what the enemy wants the homosexual to believe, and the truth is--it's a lie. For the devil is the father of lies. It is a spiritual condition, not a physical condition. No matter what our sin, if we turn from it and accept Christ, we are over comers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Campmeeting Singing

This week on two seperate occasions, I have been reminded of our mortality and that our life here is truly but a shadow. I'm thankful that we have a place prepared for us, where pain, sorrow and death will be unknown. In that place...there will be no sickness, only life. Until the next time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Race Card

There is nothing that can stir things up more than a charge of "racism". Add a high profile leader (figure) behind that charge and the media goes into a frenzy. Joe Wilson's outburst last week continues to draw more attention, when we have individuals like former President Jimmy Carter now declaring that "racism" was behind the comment "You Lie". And unbelievably, that is exactly what Carter is saying: Wilson's two words of emotionalism--"Racism".

“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African American,” Carter told NBC yesterday (see video below).

President Carter's statement is of course typical for a liberal. Let's not answer the charge of Obama being a liar, let's call it a name "racism" and divert attention away from finding out the truth. Racism? Can we no longer make a statement or ask a question in this country. The Former House Speaker Newt Gingirch, who's fought several battles of his own, has said enough with the race card.
“I think it’s very destructive for America to suggest that we can’t criticize a president without it being a racial act,” Gingrich told FOX News this morning.
Should we respond to Carter's statements, or should we simply ignore it. I don't believe that we can just ignore it all. Most of all, we can not allow it to change the focus of did President Obama lie. Again, this is a tactic of the liberals to get the argument off President Obama (the real subject at hand), the expanding of government in areas where it is unconstitutional and the government encroaching deeper into our lives. If we allow the left to direct the debate away from these facts, then we allow them to control the debate. We must recognize what is being done, call them on it and refocus on the real reasons for the protest, refusing to be misdirected. It isn't about racism, it is about truth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

America and Persecution of Religion

Has our nation at last gone mad? Today we see increasing lawsuits spreading across our country because someone didn't want to see or hear religious material. We have a President who tells the world that we are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of ideas. Our faith is under constant bombardment, as the Church and Christianity experience persecution from all sides. Please read the following cases taken from
"Liberty Legal".

From Lynn Lucas Middle School in Houston, Texas

A school teacher threw away two students’ Truth for Youth Bibles and took the students to the principal’s office where she threatened to call CPS on their parents for permitting them to bring their Bibles. Later at the same school, different officials threw away students’ book covers showing the Ten Commandments, claiming the commandments were hate speech and could offend students.

From Balch Springs, Texas (Barton v. City of Balch Springs)

Senior citizens were told to stop their 20-year-old practices of praying before their meals, hearing an inspirational religious message, and singing gospel songs in their Senior Citizens Center because of a new city policy banning religion in public buildings. A lawsuit was filed to defend the seniors’ rights. The Department of Justice also opened an investigation. The seniors were also told that if they won their suit, their meals would be taken away since praying over government funded meals violates the “separation of church and state.”

From Viroqua, Wisconsin

Viroqua High School planned a diversity day which included sessions that presented the viewpoints of Hmong, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, homosexuals, Latinos, Buddhists, the physically disadvantaged, and the economically disadvantaged. A school official stated that the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals would be excluded. After being confronted with legal precedent showing such discrimination to be unconstitutional, the school decided to cancel the Diversity Day rather than include Christians’ and former homosexuals’ viewpoints.

From Bedford County, Virginia

A private landowner agreed to allow The Cowboy Church of Virginia to conduct services on his property. After a few months the landowner received a Notice of Violation, stating that his barn could not be used for religious services and that his property wasn’t zoned for religious meetings.

Shatkin, et al. v. University of Texas at Arlington
Two women represented by LLI attorneys filed suit against the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) for religious discrimination, after UTA denied all administrative appeals of such termination. The two women were fired from their jobs because they privately prayed after work for an absent co-worker.

Little, Joan. “City Schools Issue Rules About Students, Religion”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and legal documents
Elementary school student Raymond Raines was “caught” praying over his meal at his
elementary school. He was lifted from his seat and reprimanded in front of all the other students, then taken to the principal who ordered him to cease praying in school.

From Vancouver, Washington
Students tried to start a prayer club that would meet before school, but they encountered resistance from the vice principal. Since the school would not permit a club, the students decided to gather together as individuals in the cafeteria before school to pray, but they were sent outside by the vice principal after one Satanist student complained to school officials. After the students insisted on praying in the cafeteria, they were suspended.

Harper v. Poway Unified School District
In a public school, students were allowed a special day to celebrate homosexuality. A
Christian student wearing a T-shirt with an opposing view mentioning God, was banned from 9 wearing the shirt. The lower court ruled that the student's speech was not protected because it offended the "identity" of another person.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conservative Books Hold Top Spots-NYT Bestsellers List

Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin hold the #1 and #2 spots on the NYT Bestsellers List.
Malkin's "Culture of Corruption" and Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" continue to hold their places at the top.

There appear to be signs indicating that a "shift" in political winds has occurred after President Obama's win last November. The evidence continues to increase supporting this "right wing shifting", as conservative book sales and conservative blogs continue to increase. The tea parties and the town hall meetings also point to a "shift" in the political winds of our nation.

In a recent Gallup poll, it was found that those who identify themselves as "conservatives" outnumbered liberals in every state. That change is reflected by the sale of conservative books rising and continuing to hold the top positions on the bestsellers list. There are no books by liberal authors on the NYT Bestsellers List.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ben & Jerry's "Hubby Hubby"

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream has temporarily (?) renamed the popular "Chubby Hubby" ice cream to "Hubby Hubby" to celebrate the start of legalized gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

“The legalization of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction, and something worth celebrating with peace, love - and plenty of ice cream,” Ben & Jerry’s CEO Walt Freese said in announcing the sugary switch.

A press release has stated that Ben & Jerry's has partnered with Freedom to Marry, a homosexual rights group, to "raise awareness of the importance of marriage equality...".

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality tells OneNewsNow that companies like Ben & Jerry’s neglect to talk about the dangers of the lifestyle.

“Besides the health aspects, there’s also the fact that homosexual behavior is opposed by God, and that’s something that we should take seriously,” he contends. “All homosexual behavior is sinful, and regardless of what liberals say or what Ben & Jerry’s puts on a tub of ice cream, that remains the case.”

“The left is really making a fool of itself when it comes to homosexuality. They talk about transparency, but they don’t want to tell anybody about the health risks of homosexual behavior,” he points out. “They claim to follow God and to be Christian, and yet they celebrate all the things that God opposes … abortion, homosexuality. This is just par for the course.”

Yet another sign of the times in which we live. Until the next time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God Bless America?

Will God continue to bless America? God has blessed our nation from its founding over 150 years ago, and today, I ask the simple question, "Will God continue to bless America?". It began in the early '60s, when God, Jesus and the Bible began to be driven from government, our courts and our schools. A nation so blessed by God, that today we find our president would stand and say that we are not a christian nation. America, will God continue to bless you?

*Small towns across our country have abandoned the practice of praying before town meetings.
*Bakersfield, CA.-A YMCA flyer promoting a basketball camp was not allowed to be used because it mentioned Christian principles.
*Colorado-An A&W Root Beer Restaurant ordered to take down Bible Scriptures from its sign out front, due to the phrases offending some customers.
*Our schools are changing to an all secular holiday calendar, with Christmas holiday becoming "Winter Break".
*Sparks, NV.-City Attorney removed the words "God Bless America" from the signs located around city hall.
*Grand Canyon-Plaques with Bible Scriptures forced to be removed due to complaints of the ACLU.
*Houston, TX.-A Bible that was enclosed in glass, and had been on display in front of the county courthouse for 47 years, had to be removed because it was offensive.
*North Carolina-A district judge stated that religious references including the oath which ends in "So Help Me God", must be removed--due to all court cases not being for Christians.
*Repeated attempts to remove "In God We Trust" from all our monies.
*Staggering rate of abortions that continue.

Will God continue to bless America? Is it possible, that God may begin to withdraw His protection from our nation? The Word tells us that we must heed His voice and keep His statutes which He has commanded. Not the word of Barack Obama, not the word of leading scholars, not the word of elected officials, but the Word of God. His Word. Deuteronomy tells us in the 28th chapter, that if we fail to listen and keep his Word, that curses shall come upon us. As the sins of our nation are manifold and many, so are the judgements of God. Will God continue to bless America, yes...but, only if America turns back to God. We need the Bible back, back in our schools, in our courts, in our politics, in our lives. If America is to continue to receive God's protection and blessings, our country has no choice, but to turn back to Him. Until the next time.