Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Journey Back

After 6.5 months of being unemployed, I am finally returning to the workforce on 11-2-2009. I would have never dreamed that after having my position eliminated, it would have taken this long to find a new job. Countless resumes, phone calls, and attempts to obtain interviews seemed to have become a way of life for me. Today, I am thankful I am returning to work and that I have been blessed being offered a truly wonderful opportunity. God is faithful, and He has never let me down. He will always come through, maybe not in our time frame or when you and I might expect, but God will never fail us.

If you are one of the millions today who are unemployed, stand on your faith and on the promises in the Word. He is faithful. I know the ups and the downs, the emotions that sometimes rage within us, but don't give up. He is still a miracle working God, and when we feel like we've taken our last step...He is right there beside us. Never doubt that he is our "Provider". Until the next time.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Will Israel Stand Alone?

In a recent opinion poll conducted in Israel, among Israeli citizens living there, the following question was asked. "If Israel were to go to war with Iran, do you believe that the current American administration would stand behind Israel?". The results of the poll revealed that only 4 % of those polled believed America would stand behind Israel. Only 4%. This number represents an extremely low confidence in America, if Israel should have to attack the nation of Iran.

Israel has for years been able to depend on the United States, as a friend and as an ally. They have from the time of President Harry Truman until the end of President George Bush's final term, had the support of our country. Israel has stated that with the new administration of Barack Obama, they have been advised the U.S. will not be as friendly to them. The current administration continues to discourage Israel from planning an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities at any time. Even though Iran openly admits building a nuclear weapon and its desire to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. Israel is very concerned about the President's Islamic roots, and his support of Islam to remain popular and his attempts to make the U.S. a more global community.

The clock for the country of Israel continues to count down, and time is running out. Iran continues to test missiles and progress toward obtaining nuclear weapons. Will Israel have to stand alone? Will the U.S. refuse aid Israel? Israel, as proven before, will attack if they feel they have no alternative to protecting their nation. Will they stand alone?