Monday, August 31, 2009

Tweens, Teens and Cell Phones

If you or I should take any "tween" (age 8-12) and give them a rotary phone, I'm more than sure we would see this "what now" look suddenly appear on their faces. The "landline", as the rotary phone, continues to become a memory as our mobile phones are quickly replacing them across the nation. One of the things we are witnessing with this shift in usuage, is the fact that our children regularly use and are adept in using cell phones.

I am sure that along with the increase usuage in cell phones, that the cellular providers and manufacturers would love to exploit the vast domain of the "tween" market. Remembering that tween is defined as "8-12" years old. Are cell phones really necessary for our kids age 8-12? Where do we as parents draw the line when it comes to "our" kids having cell phones?

There was recently a very catchy marketing phrase, which was directed at parents saying, "...begin loosing the reins and let their kids travel unsupervised". I would have to quickly tell these marketing professionals they have the wrong "reasoning" for the purpose of a cell phone. I think we would all be foolish, to believe that providing a cell phone to a child (or a teen) will automatically provide a means for them taking care of themselves, when they were unable to do so before a cell phone. Shouldn't a child show responsibility in other areas, prior to being given a cell phone. We have a child that can't keep a room clean, but we believe they will be more responsible with a cell phone?

A major question to consider in providing a cell phone to our children would be, "How will it influence their social habits?" Will it be a good thing for them to be connected to friends 24/7, with little or no control? Cell phones are quickly becoming the norm and the "fashion", as we can see, I'm sure. Our kids, no doubt, will demand they too be hip like all their friends at school. As parents we will hear "everybody has one", "why can't I have one too?", or "I just want to be cool too". I am sure we all want our kids to fit in and feel like they too belong, but since when is school "primarily" a popularity contest?

Please note the following report found on "Ask Marian":

"A small study released today from research group AK Tweens shows that girls as young as 10 years old involved in sexting, the sending and receiving of sexual messages and photos, just as 20% of their older peers are known to do. In the report, which combines reporting of both racy text messages and the more serious issue of sexually explicit and nude imagery, 30% of the respondents have already engaged in the practice. It's enough to make us all want to grab cell phones and computers away from our children in response!"

How young is too young? There are no doubts that the social lives of our children will be affected by possessing a cell phone. The question is, for better or for worse? I believe as a parent, that I will continue to stand on the "no" vote, for my "tweens".

Until the next time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

American Heroes

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will We Keep America Free?

I believe we are living in a time that our individual freedoms, and our country's sovereignty, are under an intense attack.These freedoms are now in danger because of our federal elected officials, who continue to refuse to take action or insist on taking the wrong actions. The recent town hall meetings are examples of Americans who simply have had enough of these officials and their actions.

We, the American people, live in the greatest nation on earth. A nation of freedom, fought for and paid for by the blood of those who have gone before us and who continue to fight for it today. The price of our freedom has cost us greatly, and you only have to view Arlington to understand that cost. Today, however, I find we are at odds with our elected officials (leaders), over many issues. Issues of freedom and our sovereignty. We have elected officials who are out of control in spending, they continue to fail in securing our borders and preventing illegal immigration, they want more government expansion, more intrusion into our lives, greater regulations and more taxes, and its recent financial bailouts have driven our nation into trillions of dollars of debt. When I was a young boy, I watched a T.V. program entitled "Lost In Space". A regular weekly show about a family that when on a mission, became lost in space. The family's young son was named Will Robinson, and the family had a robot that had traveled into space with them. I have forgotten how many times I heard that robot cry out a warning to young Will, when he said "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger". Crying out to warn the young boy of impending danger, and trying to protect him. Today, America needs to hear the cry of- "Danger"!

There are many who want us to believe that the current administration have the "ideas" that will solve our country's economic issues. These ideas, however, of the Obama administration follow very closely to the ideas of Vladimir Lenin used in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Don't believe it, let's take a look. Lenin nationalized the banks in Russia, the railroads and of course-industry, there was food rationing, forced labor camps for the so-called "re-education" of the non-believer and eventually almost all private enterprise was outlawed. It wasn't long after Lenin's death, that Stalin in taking over Russia, created a state-run system of socialized health care and yes, an administration to "re-educate" the people. I believe there is every reason for us to believe that our own country, is now surely and slowly moving in this direction.

Daily, we hear about the Obama health care plan, and just as Stalin, he will try to impose a system of socialized medicine upon the American people. Let us not forget the White House wanting Americans to send in information on other Americans who disagreed with the health care plan. You tell me, what would have happened if former president Bush had issued that directive. The arrogance of the Obama administration amazes me. The current administration policies the president is seeking to implement, will place the small business owners under such crushing taxes that many will perish or simply give up. Danger!! Danger!! Although this isn't outright outlawing of private enterprise, its results will accomplish many of the original goals of the communists in Russia.

Our liberties and our freedoms are now at stake, and we as Americans must stand and fight for them. We must refuse to allow them to be trampled on and taken from us. The Founders of our nation, made it clear to us that the Government is to get their powers from the consent of those governed (we the people). The Founding Fathers also told us that when the government becomes destructive of these ends, it is not only our right, but it is our sacred duty to change the government. Next year, 2010, we will be able to vote and make a difference in many of our elected officials. We will have the opportunity then, to make changes and send a needed message to all our elected officials---"You are a servant of 'We the People'". We will have the opportunity to come together, to keep and restore our freedoms, our liberty and our sovereignty. Until the next time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

American Civic Literacy Quiz

I discovered this quiz while doing some research for an upcoming blog posting. The average score of 2,508 Americans taking the quiz was only 49%. Our college educators only faired a little better scoring an average of 55%. Do you think you can score higher?

Here's the link:

Let me know how you did.

Until the next time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hoo Rah! Marine.

The following is a video of Marine Corp Vet David William Hedrick during a townhall meeting with Brain Baird (D-Wash). It is a video that all Americans, especially those on the left and the media supporting them, should be required to view. Hoo Rah! Marine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Death Book For Veterans

I, as an American and as a veteran, am sickened by a 52 page document entitled "Your Life, Your Choices" prepared for our veterans. It was first published in 1997 and later promoted throughout the VA's network of hospitals and nursing homes. The document was reviewed under the Bush Administration and the VA suspended its use. It has now, however, been brought back to life under the Obama Administration.

The document "Your Life, Your Choices" is a death book for our veterans, engaging in end of life counseling which the VA promoted as its preferred living will in its hospitals and nursing homes.
This document asks some appalling questions of our veterans:

"Have you ever heard anyone say 'If I'm a vegetable, pull the plug'?"

There are also what I would feel are guilt inducing statements such as:

"I can no longer contribute to my family's well being".
"I am a severe financial burden on my family".
"I am a severe emotional burden to my family".

"Your Life, Your choices" presents end-of-life choices which are directed are guiding the veterans to predetermined conclusions. There is even a worksheet included on page 21 which presents a list of various "scenarios" and then asks the veteran if his life would be worth living. Our veterans have done all our country has asked of them and more. They continue to serve, and defend our country. I have witnessed the horror of war and the scars left on our veterans. No one has the right to tell them they are a burden on society and that they should choose to just die. No one!

If our president is truly sincere in telling us that he is not trying to cut costs by pressuring the disabled to forgo needed critical care, let him step down to the VA and repel the "Your Life, Your Choices" for our true heroes. Until the next time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama Health Care--Death and Dying

Last week during a Healthcare Event at the White House, President Obama said something which should completely scare us back into reality, more especially if you should be a "senior citizen". The President suggested? that one way costs can be saved in health-care is to not spend money on procedures that "evidence shows [are] not necessarily going to improve care" for the sick and the dying. "Maybe you're better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller".

This is Obama "socialist" speak, and needs to be translated to be really understood. What the President was saying was that under his plan, some impersonal bureaucrat, evaluating solely on "costs" to the government health care system, will decide who lives and dies. This includes you, your mother, your father, other family members and friends. If you should need a transplant, a heart operation or expensive therapy for a chance at life, under Obama's plan a bureaucrat will determine its cost to the government. This bureaucrat will then perform a "cost/benefit" analysis, on extending your life. If you're too old, the choice will already have been made. This bureaucrat will follow the rules he is given in regards to "rationing".

A good example would be if you should be over 65 years old and required open heart surgery. You could be told that extending your life by 10-15 years with expensive surgery is not "worth it" to the "government health care program". Simply put, the operation would not be paid for and you would be left to die. Or you possibly could be placed on a "waiting list" (for an indefinite period of time), and die waiting on your scheduled surgery. One of the issues to be faced in a "government health care plan" will be the exploding costs of health care in this socialized paradise. Once this begins to happen, the bureaucrats will have to find ways to control the costs more and more. The cut off age for expensive treatments, surgeries, ect. will be lowered and then lowered again. It may begin at 70, but in attempts to control the rising costs the age will have to be lowered, to 65, then to 60, then to 55. Where will it stop? The more the health care costs explode, the lower the age will be. It will not be long before you and I are caught in the net, with our own lives at stake.

I know. Many of you are saying this could never happen here in America. There's no way that some unknown bureaucrat will make a decision if I should live or die. My friend, you had better think again. The countries of Canada and England have had socialized medicine for the past 30 years and that is what happens every day. They each have health care rationing in place, with that bureaucrat deciding who lives and who dies, who is treated and who is not. He will make the decision, not you.

In the Obama health care world, every day sick people who have been deemed undeserving of treatment, will DIE. It is a socialistic program, which Canada and England already are living under. It is our future, if Obama has his way. I sincerely hope this short posting awakens you to the threat we are facing. If you have been watching the Town Hall meetings, then I am sure you are aware there are many Americans refusing to take this laying down. No matter what we are called, or how we are threatened. Until the next time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back To My Roots

I am posting Newfound Road's version of "I AM THE MAN THOMAS", because it truly takes me back to my roots. Sometimes, we need to remember who we are and where we are from, to understand what our direction should be. This bluegrass song reminds me of where it all began for me, and the impact my faith has had on my life. It reminds me of the One who never fails, and that even in the midst of our world today He is still in control. I love the sound of this group, and how they sing this song. I hope you too will be blessed by it and reminded of your "roots", and of "The Man" who gave His life that we could go free. Until the next time.