Monday, April 5, 2010

"Funeral Plans" - Jeremiah Yocum

I liked this brother's music so much, I thought I would post another of his videos. A great song,with a tremendous message, and a church that is caught up in worship. How can you be still when you listen to this song, time to shout and lift Him up!
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2 comments to “"Funeral Plans" - Jeremiah Yocum”
pbrosam010 said...

You're absolutely righht in your comment. I stumbled upon his music and after listening to funeral plans, I had to look at his other songs. There is such strong messages in his lyrics and his songs are very uplifting. It is such a great feeling to here these words and be assured that this life is temporary and that the best of our lives lie ahead of us, as a Christian, with the Lord. Other than Gods gift of His son as a sacrifice for our sin, what greater gift could there possibly be. God's grace is never ending for His children.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't his lyrics. Linda Gibson wrote that song