Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dead in Medocrity or Alive in Excellence

Have you ever noticed how often people will complain about their lives, but do nothing about it? You will find it all around us, people appearing to be content with "just getting by". Doing just enough, barely enough to stay afloat. They have become comfortable in their circumstance, and are satisfied with the ordinary. These people have chosen to live in mediocrity, a place of stagnation and death. It is these "just getting by" folks that run to gossip about and attempt to tear down, anyone, who strives and seeks for more in life. They become so excited when someone who is "trying" is knocked down. They find joy in making fun of other's dreams, and will do many things to hinder some one's desire for excellence.

If you are someone who refuses to live a life of "ordinary", "just getting by" and "mediocrity", then ignore those who would steal your dreams and begin to live a life excellence. You and I are barely able to know what we can accomplish and what capabilities we have. God has created us in victory, to live a life of fullness and one of fulfilling our potential. I don't believe that we have even begun to understand all that God has created us to be. If you and I are to have an impact, anywhere at anytime, on the world we live in--then we must set the bar as high as possible.

We should be pursuing life, with a can-do spirit and refusal to entertain failure. If we allow the cold fingers of mediocrity to touch us with unhappiness, illness, emptiness and failure, then we have stepped from "living in excellence" to "sitting dead in mediocrity". We must commit ourselves to achieving personal excellence, and modeling it for other plants. Never allow yourself
to give up or quit, stand your ground and do all you can do. Choose to live that life of excellence.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That's No Hill For A Climber

That's no hill for a climber! It doesn't matter what the battle is, it's no battle for the child of God. We are destined to live in victory, over comers and winners. No matter how high the hill may seem to be...that's no hill for a climber. The battle for you and I was won at Calvary, and we are able today to claim that victory. Never allow yourself to focus on the "hill", keep your focus on the promises of God, knowing he will make a way.

That's No Hill For A Climber!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

God Uses Those Who Fail

If you could talk to the majority of us, and we were open and honest with you, you would find that almost all of us have experienced many failures during our lives. How many of us are haunted by bad choices we have made, feeling guilty because of our shortcomings and failures. I have lived through enough to know that the world around us is filled with those who are broken, weak and hurting. I think we would be shocked to know just how "human" most of us really are.

Have you ever wondered if you were the only one going through what you were experiencing? Have you asked yourself if you were the only one who had to fight this same battle over and over? We all battle the same temptations, weaknesses and struggles as we live our lives. We all do, and we have all failed. Did you know that there isn't one person without "sin, failures or a past?" Even those that we respect so greatly, are not without sin, failures and a past in their lives. We all have them. The Bible tells us of our greatest heroes of faith, and it also tells us just how human they were. It tells us about how they struggled with sin, with bad choices, faults in their character and their weaknesses.

We find it much easier to talk about our "successes", than to open up about our failures. I suppose that's just the "human" part of us, fighting to protect ourselves. Not wanting anyone else to see our past, and know we have had our share of mistakes and failures. So, we talk about everything but those weaknesses and those sins, trying to push them deeper and deeper into our past. We just don't want people to see us that way, to learn we too are just of the "human" kind. Common flesh and bone. Why is it then, that we are so quick to want to write someone off, or judge them, when we find they have had personal struggles in their lives. You and I live in a real world, with real sin and people who are fighting real struggles. It may well be that you aren't struggling with overeating, drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing, cheating, gossiping or fornication. But how many of us are dealing with inner struggles such as depression or even thoughts of suicide. How many of us deal every day with failures, that no one knows about, and then struggle with the guilt that fills us.

I just want to in some way today, let you know, that in spite of what the "guilt" tells you or the devil tries to tell you, that God uses failures and will always forgive us and heal us. God knows us, the real us, with all our faults and struggles. We have to only ask for Him to forgive us, repent and rely on Him. God specializes in using the broken, the empty, the failures, the weak and the struggling. We are made in God's image and there is no way, God is close to being finished with us. If you fail, just go to Him and ask to be forgiven, knowing He is just to forgive. Never give up!
Never quit! You are worthy, and you are a winner with a calling of God. He wants to use us all, all of us even if we are broken, wounded, empty, tired, weak and human. God uses failures.

Some of the greatest men and women of faith, used by God, made some of the worst mistakes. I often look at what they achieved, but today instead of how great they were, let's be inspired by how human they were.

Moses stuttered.

Timothy had ulcers.

Hosea's wife was a prostitute.

Amos' only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.

Jacob was a liar.

David had an affair.

Solomon had too many women

Abraham was too old.

David was too young.

Peter was afraid of death.

Lazarus was dead.

John was self-righteous.

Paul was a murderer.

Moses was a murderer.

Jonah ran from God.

Miriam was a gossip.

Gideon and Thomas both doubted.

Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.

Elijah was a burn out.

John the Baptist had a mouth.

Martha was a worried.

Mary was lazy.

Samson had long hair.

Noah got drunk.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Days of Trials

It is a fact that we will face difficult times and circumstances. None of us are exempt. The truth is we will each face trials--for they are a part of life. It doesn't matter how far or how fast we try to run, we can never outrun the trials of life. The Bible is very clear that we all will experience difficulty and tough circumstances.

James 1:2-4 — “My Brethren, count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations; (3)
Knowing this, that the trying of your Faith works patience. (4) But let patience have her
perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

James tells us in this verse that it isn't a condition of "if" we will fall into divers temptations, but a condition of "when". He is telling us that it is a certainty. The believer is not exempt from facing trials, no matter how great his faith. Trials are a part of life that we all must encounter and James tells us why.

When trials come, it is important as believers, that we have the right attitude and mind-set. We must possess the belief that whatever God is allowing in our lives will work out for our good. The trial should never hold our focus. We should keep our eyes on God, knowing that He will produce something positive out of the trials we encounter. Often, there will be those who see themselves as a victim of the circumstance and fail to know that God is at work in their life. We may not be able to be excited about the trial, but we should be excited knowing we serve a God who will lead us out and into victory.

James uses the word "fall" in the above verse to tell us that most of our trials will be unforeseen. That we will not be aware of them, until we are in the "midst" of them. So, without warning, trials will come to us. There will those times we will face those circumstances and have no control over them. In these times, we should respond immediately with the attitude of "God is in control", period.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Song For The One Searching In The Darkness

What an anointed voice, what an awesome young man. Listen to this young man sing, feel the anointing flow out of him--as you let these words minister to you. If you are searching in the darkness, feeling lost and empty, this song is for you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Standard of Excellence

If we are to become a person of excellence, then we first should know there is a price to be paid and secondly that a "standard of excellence" must be set. We must without exception, set that standard of excellence and then just do it. You and I can't go through our lives without direction, aimlessly wandering, and believe somehow we will finally end up successful. We must set the standard of excellence for our lives and seek to be all that we can be. The truth is that there are simply attitudes and actions that are unacceptable. Don't allow fear to keep you from setting the standard high; the higher the standard, the higher you will rise.

If we are to live up to our standard of excellence, it will require laying aside those bad habits, breaking free from the day to day ruts and leaving behind the predictable. We will be driven to step away from the mediocre life, seeking "excellence" in all the things we do. It's getting up at 5:00am each morning to exercise, read and pray. It is choosing an apple over candy, it is neatly folding our clothes, it is committing to read 25 books each year, it is developing a new attitude-an attitude of excellence. The lives we live today, are a direct result of our daily decisions to live in mediocrity or in excellence. It has been our choices which have led us to our current place in life. Our health, our relationships, our habits, our jobs...are results of our decisions to live a mediocre life or a life of excellence.

If we are to be successful, living with the highest standard of excellence, then we must make the choices that will lead us out of mediocrity. The standard of excellence we set will determine our rise out of mediocrity, and how much of our potential we will fulfill. What will you continue to accept in your life? Will you make the choices needed to break free and enter the extraordinary life. The life of excellence.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kenny Hinson "He Will Calm The Troubled Waters"

In the midst of every situation, every circumstance and in the "troubled waters" He will truly come and calm your soul.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Freedom -- It's Still Worth Fighting For.

I have, for a while now, asked myself if Americans really do cherish freedom any longer? I'm sure that there are those who do, but I doubt that most Americans truly understand what freedom is. Especially the freedom that was envisioned and conceived by our Founding Fathers. Freedom is much more than owning a home, taking our yearly vacation, shopping where we choose, driving our own car, or all the other things we as Americans typically do.

The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights outline the freedoms on which our country was formed and built. The first and most sublime principle we are presented with is that freedom is a gift of God. God, the giver of life, is also He that gives liberty.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness . . ."

It is clearly stated by the founders of our nation that they believed, and formed America, on the the principle that God is the grantor of liberty. Not man. The Founding Fathers understood that the purpose of the government was "to secure these rights". That the government was to secure and protect the liberties and freedom that have been given to "man" by his creator. They never believed that it was the government that could grant freedom in any form.

If we were to stop and ask any "average" man or woman in our country today, "Where do you believe our rights come from?", what would they say? I believe that they and most all of our political leaders today would answer, "The government of course". Freedom, as they view it, is whatever the government tells them it is. Period. That's all these people know and understand. Let's just let the "government" tell us what are freedoms are, and that's what we will accept. Unfortunately, in America today, it seems that most Americans are quickly joining this group of people. We are living in the 21st Century, and as the descendants of those wise and brave people who carved out and crafted our nation, have no idea of what true freedom is and God help us, are lacking the courage to defend it.

Do we truly understand and know the meaning of "freedom"? Do you? You and I will spend the better part of our lives working and paying for our "homes". The great American dream, to own our own home and property. We are required to pay property tax during those years, and even after we have paid for our property, for the rest of our lives...we will continue to pay the property tax. If we fail to pay the tax, then they will come, confiscate our property and throw us out. In truth, none of us really own any property. The state can even tell us what we can and can't do with the property we supposedly own, we can't even manage and control our own land, land we have bought and paid for. As Americans, we tolerate these actions and still call ourselves "free". Do we really know what "freedom" means?

Think about it, just for a moment. Consider all the things we do, or even say, that is monitored by the State or the Government. If you own your own business, I'm sure you are very familiar with the many regulations, permits, taxes...that are required by the state and federal government for you to conduct business. Consider these other few examples:

Drive a car
Purchase a gun
Purchase land
Build an addition on your home
Home school your children

How many agencies, how many pieces of paper...with us asking "please", do we have to go through before we can do any of these. Are we truly free? Are we? When will we as Americans stand up and say enough government is enough. When will we begin to vote out the politicians that only add to more government control of our lives, and keep voting until we elect those that know what "freedom" is truly about. I am sure that those on welfare, and those receiving any of a multitude of government handouts, will seldom complain...why should they. They are personally benefiting more, the more the government grows. Why would these people want to change anything at all. It is a free ride for them, and "freedom" is sacrificed for a "free meal".

Do we as Americans, today, truly and deeply cherish "freedom". Then I ask you, what are we going to do, to restore that freedom to our country? It is the lazy, and those unconcerned, that will lie in chains. I refuse to lie down, to give in, and to cease the struggle. America must awaken and arise to the challenge, for I believe God still will bless a nation, a people, who truly seek liberty and who will fight until they possess it. We may have to "pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" in order to obtain it; but as our forebears believed and were willing to fight-- so am I.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Choosing A Life of Excellence

There are so many people today, who have the mindset that they were created to be just like everyone else around them. They go from day to day, going through the motions, because that's just how it is. It can never be any different, at least not for them. The same dead-end job, the same routine, day to without a purpose, without a goal. These people are caught in the trap of mediocrity--where they fail to do anything to better themselves. They have accepted the lifestyle and find themselves living in the land of "its good enough" and settling for whatever life hands them.

We must consciously choose to live a life of excellence, and avoid the rut of mediocrity. To live the life of excellence we must be proactive, and take action daily. It becomes too easy for us to just fall into how things are and then begin to take life as it comes. Never allow yourself to settle for mediocrity, let me tell you--- you are better than that. You were created to live in victory and as a winner, not in the rut of mediocrity. The first step to overcome mediocrity is to decide that you will be a person of excellence, that you will excel. Today, decide that you will be better than average. Make the changes in your life that will propel you toward your goals and the life of excellence. Refuse to be passive about your choices and make those choices which will lead you to victory. In this modern day of "instant gratification" and "give it to me now", too many of us are living in the moment only. Our choices should be made that will better our future, not just our today.

"Not now, I'm too tired...I'll do it later".
"I can't do it now, my favorite TV program is on".
"I don't have the support..."
"You know I can't..."
"I would, but..."

If we are to live the life of excellence, to be victors, we have to lay down our excuses and take responsibility for our lives. For our choices and decisions. It is our duty to press on toward our goals, and leave the complaining to those who live the life of mediocrity. They will have an abundance of excuses as they fail to take responsibility for lack of action. It has become a habit to be lazy, and just continue to take life as it comes. Of course, when things don't go their way, they begin making their excuses and blaming someone else. They will blame the state, the government, the church, the schools, the taxes, the job, the family, anyone but themselves.

It is much easier to take a passive stand in life, choosing to ignore our responsibility. That choice though, only leads deeper into the life of mediocrity. The lack of being responsible locks people into a self-made prison, until they are able to accept responsibility and begin to move forward to ward a life of excellence. Making excuses and failing to take responsibility is the best way to remain stuck in mediocrity, maybe that's what you want out of life. I can tell you that there is more, much more. Decide today, to never settle for second best. There is a life of excellence awaiting you, a life of victory. Refuse to let it pass you by!