Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today, there are millions of American families who are disgusted with the public educational system and its failure in providing a quality education for their children. They see the public schools as no more than centers to build up a new system of socialism. Yes, I know that there are those who would deny this statement, but it is always easier to live in a state of denial than to face the raw straightforward truth.

I remember school when education was the principal thing, and we were required to learn how to think, not what to think. Yes, we were required to have American History and to learn how our country was formed. We did have biology, but not the classes you will find today with boys and girls together showing "porno films" passed off as sexual education. It was a time when we had a prayer before school and still pledged allegiance to the flag.

Take time to read the below excerpt of "54 Benefits of Homeschooling", what is quickly becoming many parents choice for their children. A choice they have made after continued issues with the public school system. God Bless until the next time.

Here are 54 unique benefits homeschooling can give you and your kids, as written and explained by Laura B., a smart, wonderful wife, mother of three, homeschooler, and business owner who works from home and still focuses on her family!

Homeschooling (or low-cost internet private schools), can have the following extraordinary benefits for you and your children:

1. Be with Your Family
2. Set Your Own Schedule
3. Vacation When You Want
4. Choose curriculum that best suits the needs of your child
5. Be totally aware of the state and progress of your child's education
6. Keep your child away from un-necessary peer pressure
7. Keep your child away from the bad influence of other children
8. Love, nurture, and teach your child the character and morals you value most
9. Make learning fun
10. Make learning as "experiential" as you want
11. Don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get your child dressed and fed and off to school where their so tired they don't learn well anyway.
12. Break up the day however you want to fit your child's learning attention span
13. Teach your child without any "assumed limitations". Teach multiple languages, develop one skill or subject--the sky's the limit
14. What you teach an older child naturally filters down to the younger child(ren) making learning must easier and faster for siblings
15. Teach at the pace and developmental stage appropriate for your child
16. Avoid educational "labeling"
17. Keep you child as far away from drugs as possible
18. Never have to worry about bomb scares or mass shootings
19. Allow your child to do think, discuss, and explore in ways not possible in a classroom setting
20. Constant positive reinforcement and gentle correction. No abusive words or actions that scar your child's psyche
21. Don't use the school system as a babysitter. You only need a few hours for learning--the rest of the day is filled with unnecessary "busy work"
22. Develop life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and organizing that are easily learned with the additional time spent at home
23. Spend as much time outdoors as you want to enjoy nature and the world around us
24. Teach the value of responsibility by providing daily jobs
25. To make money management as natural as breathing by allowing even small children to do tasks, earn money, save it, and spend it in an appropriate manner.
26. Never have your child beat up by a bully. Teach self-defense skills that will enable him to deal with any situation but not until he is mature enough to handle the emotional aspects of confrontation
27. No pressure or set "expectations" from teachers on a younger sibling that follows an older sibling in the same school
28. Be around when your child needs to talk
29. Take a break when your child needs a break
30. Bond as a family through family group activities
31. Pass on your religious beliefs and morals to your children and stay away from the "indoctrination" of other school systems
32. Teach sex education when you and how you want
33. Develop your child's imagination and teach diverse problem solving skills instead of one institutionalized method of thinking
34. Unlimited possibilities for extra curricular activities that interest your child having to live up to the expectations or skills of others.
35. Develop the individualism of your child
36. Avoid traditional school "group activities" that may leave one student doing all the work or ruining it for everyone else.
37. Never have your child feel the failure, embarrassment, or teasing from "failing" a grade
38. To keep your children out of the care, custody, and control or people you don't know and who naturally teach their philosophy of life whether they realize it or not
39. No opportunity for your child to "sluff off", "snow-blow", or "just get by" with academics
40. To have your child learn initiative naturally as there's no peer pressure or fear of embarrassing himself
41. Allow your child to have input and say in subject matter and style
42. Allow your child to focus on growth and development--not following the latest fad or being in a certain group
43. So your child will only be surrounded by people who love him, encourage him, and want the best for him.
44. Make sure your child doesn't end up graduating without knowing how to read or knowing other basic skills due to educational failings of your local schools.
45. Keep your child out of private schools that have peer pressure, teacher criticism, drugs, sex, and alcohol that your child never needs to be around
46. Avoid grading scales and testing that gives no positive benefit to your child
47. Not to give the state or federal government control of your child that they assume is theirs
48. To easily pass on your unique heritage or language to your child
49. So your child is not limited by "age" or "grade" to advance or explore academics in which they are interested or gifted
50. To teach your children to enjoy life
51. To allow your children to go to work with Mom or Dad when you all want--not just on the one "go to work with a parent holiday"
52. As many field trips as you want, to places that interest your child
53. To just take a day off when everyone feels like it
54. Flexibility to switch or experiment with different curriculum

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Death of a Nation

While researching for a posting, I came across an article entitled "How To Destroy A Nation". I would like to share some of the highlights of that article with you today. I would ask that as you read the methods given to destroying a nation, that you seriously consider America and where we stand today.

The article began with the question "If I were given the power to take down a nation, how would I do it?"

A giant step to bringing down a nation would be to "control the monetary system". Tax the population and continue to increase the taxes. Refuse to control the national debt, continuing to amass greater and greater debt. Institute and implement a myriad of programs providing "handouts". Shut down manufacturing plants, mills and shops...sending them overseas where the labor rates are pennies compared to the US wages. Allow foreign workers to continue to immigrate taking American jobs at one third of the wages.

Ensure that all major decision making is moved to the executive branch, where Presidential Directives and Executive Orders will be utilized. Pit the American worker against the immigrants, creating as much hatred and chaos as possible.

Limit and control any choices in"voting", keeping the field limited to a two party system, where only the "wealthy" need apply. Each party will be controlled and given scripted points to talk about, avoiding the real issues facing Americans, as much as possible. Maintain a pretense of a representative democracy.

Set up an Education Department that will dictate insane mandates, policies and regulations to "dumb down" our future generations. A dumb population after all, is an easily controlled population. Allow the country to become awash with drugs that are mind-numbing and filled with brain destroying chemicals.

Allow the HMO's, Pharmaceuticals and Insurance companies to destroy what was once an "affordable" medical system. Make retirement an impossibility for seniors and those with fixed incomes and pensions.

Institute perpetual war, having to borrow billions for destruction.

America, where do we stand today? Waco, Ruby Ridge, school shootings, roadblocks, identity theft and security cameras. Limit or totally prevent information and discussion on all sides of an issue. Corporate control of all media is a necessity, if Americans are to be taught what to think---not how to think.

Trade agreements will lead to massive unemployment, farms that have died, imported food, foreclosures and homelessness.

Give away the land, rivers, waterways, roads, schools, and utilities to foreign investors. Keep the people distracted with amusement parks, ball games, shopping malls, expensive cars, OJ, Paris Hilton, and Rosie O'Donnell.

A must--all authority must rest in the hands of corporate interests. The few who do object will be labeled as "conspirators, un-American, and traitors". This is how I would destroy a nation.

Again, as when I began this posting, I would ask that you seriously consider America and where she stands today. I was unable to find the author's name of the above article, but they were able to just in a few pages provide a means of taking down a nation. As I read through the article, I realized how far America has gone in the wrong directions. I would ask today, that you join me and say enough is enough, as we hold our leaders accountable and make whatever corrections are required. I still believe we live in the greatest country on earth, and I for one, refuse to just sit back without fighting for our freedoms and our home. God bless you today, and God bless the United States of America.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Lighthouse

"The Lighthouse" By Buddy Mullins/Vestal Goodman/Ivan Parker - Click here for funny video clips

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crime Wave

It is estimated that in the year 2005, there were about 10 million illegal aleins in this country. There are some experts who disagree with this number, believing it to be too conservative and place the number at 20 million. A study conducted, determined that between the years of 2000 and 2004, that there were 700,000 immigrants who entered the US illegally or overstayed their visa each year.

It was during this period of time, that the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report provided data stating that the crime rate was rising. It revealed a slow, but steady, increase in crime and especially in "violent crimes". A majority of these crimes were attributed to the increased number of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds.

The US Department of Justice issued a study on illegal immigrants who were incarcerated in local, state and federal facilities. The report contained data such as: number of illegals incarcerated, their country of birth, and of course, the cost of keeping them in "jail". A further study provided information on the illegals criminal history. The results of that study, conducted by The Government Accounting Office (at the request of Congress) is as follows:

(The study consisted of a sample of 55,322 illegal aliens from the incarcerated populations in local, state and federal facilities).

Total arrests = 459,614 times.
Average arrests per inmate = 8 times.

1. Nearly all had more than 1 arrest.
2. 38% (21,000) had between 2 to 5 arrests.
3. 32% (18,000) had between 6 to 10 arrests.
4. 26% (11,000) had more than 11 arrests.
5. Were arrested for a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses.
6. Criminal offenses averaged 13 for each illegal alien.
7. 45% of offenses were drug or immigration offenses.
8. 15% were property related offenses (burgarly, auto theft, destruction of property).
9. 12% were for violent crime (murder, assualt, sex related crimes).

I would remind you, that these numbers are only for a sampling of the total population of incarcerated illegals in this country. As you can imagine, these numbers are much higher, when regarding the total population of illegals. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the system when an illegal alien can be arrested (on an average of 8 times) and still be in this country. What does it take to get deported back to your parent country? All over our nation, the crime rates are rising, along with more illegals being the criminals. It's time to shake up our senators and congressmen, and say "enough is enough", fix it now. It's time we hold them accountable and demand our borders be secured, and all immigrants be screened throughly, and that they in turn follow due process for citizenship. Period.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Staggering Cost of Illegal Immigrants

The cost of illegal immigration reaches out into every area of our lives, affecting us in many ways most are unaware of. In our country, year in and year out, our government allows 182,000 legal and illegal immigrants to enter our country--give or take a few hundred thousand. By the end of the year they will number over 2 million, and will be all almost all uneducated, unskilled, and unable to speak English. They will bring with them a host of diseases and health care needs.

Now, the question of the day, who pays? We do. It is estimated that each year we spend $346 billion in taxes, in some 15 agencies, to take care of these issues. It was reported in the year 2007, that the Department of Health and Human Services spent $672 billion. $672 billion! You see these immigrants are poorer, and they of course pay less taxes, and are more likely to receive public assistance.

Immigrants account for about 59% of the "uninsured" in our country today. That's correct, 59% of our uninsured. The Latino immigrants fail to get immunized, suffer a high rate of TB, and have a high rate of drug, tabacco and alcohol use. The escalating number of unwed mothers indicate the failure to use contriception. Immigrants, therefore, account for a disproportionate amount of the Medicaid spending in this country.

Of course, in addition to all of this cost, there is the "Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act". This Act requires hospitals to treat illegal immigrants seeking emergency care. Your tax dollars pay for over $160 million for illegal immigrants under this Act. Are you ready for this? The addictions of drugs and alcohol make up the fastest growing disabilities illegals are claiming in our ER hospitals. Here you go:

1983: 3,000 cases
2003: 325,000 cases

That's not all. The above Act also provides for an immediate cash payment transfer, if diagnosed with a "disability (drug or alcohol addiction)". Here you go:

1982: 127,900 illegals on SSI
2003: 2,000,000 illegals on SSI

Now, if you will combine the cost of 400,000 babies born each year to illegals, the cost reaches into the billions and billions of dollars. Again, this money is all received from "our" taxes. We are paying for all of this, not the illegals receiving it. And it doesn't end there, we also pay for K-12 education, and yes, we do pay for the free breakfasts and lunches for this country's new poor working class.

We have become the "land of free milk and honey" for the immigrants who now come to our country. I suggest that America cut off the "freebies", and then see how many are willing to come. I don't know about you, but I still believe we all are equal--in all aspects. If you and I are required to pay our taxes, have insurance and support our families, then it also should apply to all immigrants entering our country. Period. It is the land of opportunity, and it has never been meant to be the "land of a free ride".

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"God Given Rights"

I believe that the Declaration of Independence is the mission statement of America. It follows that if the Declaration is our mission statement, then the Constitution is the bylaws by which the government shall be restrained. As we know the Constitution was created and written to place limits on the government, never by any means to control the people.

The Declaration states:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…."

It is imperative that we understand that our "rights" are granted by God and not by the government. If the government were able to grant our rights, then the government could also revoke those rights. If God gives us our rights, then only God can revoke our rights. The truth...the government is to protect our God given rights. Ask yourself this question: "If God is not over our government, then who are our leaders held accountable to?"

In our country today, we find that God is removed more and more from the picture. What will happen when He is no longer in the picture? What if our country and its laws should become totally secularized, without God? I feel often that I am being placed in a position that I must keep my faith to myself, and see my country "One Nation Under God", failing to recognize God. If it is God who grants us our rights, then the government must answer to God.

It is obvious that anti-christian biggorty is running rampant. I would encourage you to note, that the attacks on religous freedom in this country are on Christianity. It riles me to no end to see that no one is trying to silence the Muslims, the Atheists, or the Humanists. We are told to be sensitive to these faiths, to try to understand them and to tolerate all their "isms" (environmentalism, socialism, communism, and secularism). It is time the Church takes a stand, and refuses to back down. Let's put God back in America, where He belongs, in a nation that recognizes Him and with leaders that hold themselves accountable to Him. Let us never forget that our rights are "God Given".

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A "Plate" of Victory

The Indiana News reported last Monday, that the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the Indiana license plate "In God We Trust" as being constitutional. The ruling upheld an earlier ruling by a trial court judgement against the Indiana ACLU. The Attorney General of Indiana stated that the display of, "In God We Trust", on state license plates had found deep support among his fellow citizens. He continued in saying, "So often when there is a reference made to a supreme being in the public arena, objections are made. With the court's rulings, those objections have failed".

A great victory in Indiana! Those who would have God removed from all public arenas failed and the "plates" will continue to display our motto of "In God We Trust". It is encouraging to see the courts rule as these courts did in the state of Indiana. We should never back down, nor retreat, from ensuring God is never removed from our country. The more objections that come...the stronger our resolve should become, our comittment to stand our ground.

Congratulations to the citizens of Indiana, and may God continue to bless your great state.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Play Some Mountain Music

I have placed a few bluegrass and gospel songs on my blog. The music of the mountains where I grew up down in Western North Carolina. I hope you will listen to a couple of them, and let me know what you think. Until then, kick back and listen to sounds of the mountains.

Surprise, Surprise--"Gay-Day" In Kindergarden

The World Net Daily published an article on October 22, detailing how Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Sciences held a secretive "gay-day" in it's kinder garden. The school of course, as you might imagine, is located in Sacramento, CA.

Parents were shocked to find out that their children were learning how to be homosexual "allies" and were to participate in a "coming-out" day. The parents stated that the school failed to notify them in advance of the activities. Faith Ringgold openly admitted that as a school, they opted not to notify the parents of its pro-homosexual activities beforehand. The school was celebrating "Gay and Lesbian History Month" and was in the process of observing "Ally Week," a pro-"gay" occasion normally targeted toward high school students.

The school hosted discussions about families, and posted fliers portraying only homosexuals. Students listened to traditional stories with a "gay" twist, including according to the article, "Jane and the Beanstalk". Parents begin to seek representation once they learned that the school was pushing "pro-gay" events without
warning. I remind you, this was in a Kinder garden Class. Is this not proof that gay activist will target our children as early as possible?

Kinder garden?? Come on!!! I can only imagine my reaction if I had been one of the parents at this school. Here we have a school that openly honors "Gay and Lesbian History", who expected the parents to just "lay down" and accept it. I don't think so. Thank God, for the parents that sought out representation to fight this type of activity. Thank God, that a group of parents still believe homosexuality isn't the norm, and who are willing to fight for their beliefs. I still believe, as I always have, that homosexuality is a "spiritual" problem. A problem where God has the solution, if the homosexuals will only turn to Him. I was once told that nature is one of our greatest teachers, if we will but learn from her. In all of nature, in all of life, there is only one creature where we find homosexuality so rampant and that is in man. Why do we not see it being more prevalent in other species? Why is it that only in man do we see this "desire" to be so great? We have free choice and we have a spirit, a spirit that can be and that is often influenced by outside sources. Homosexuality--a spiritual problem.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Pledge In A Small Vermont Town

The Associated Press has reported, that in the small town of Woodbury, Vermont
(pop. 810) a bitter debate has erupted over restoring the Pledge of Allegiance in the local elementary school. The article states that no one's for sure when reciting the Pledge fell by the wayside at Woodbury Elementary School, only that in this small town it is in a bitter dispute.

The school officials have been blocking the "exercise" from classrooms due to concerns that it will place non-participating children in positions for scorn. Those that support the Pledge say the classroom is the place for it, and the disagreement continues to fuel the dispute. The article states that unlike other Pledge controversies, this one is focused on how and where the children should say it, not if they should be allowed to.

The debate in Woodbury began in September, when a parent, Ted Tedesco began a petition calling for the return of the Pledge as a daily practice in the 19th Century schoolhouse, which has 55 children in grades kindergarden through six. School officials agreed to resume the Pledge as a daily exercise, but not in the classroom. Principal Michaela Martin stated, "We don't want to isolate children every day in their own classroom, or make them feel different". Instead, beginning last week, a sixth grader was assigned to go around and gather up all the students wanting to Pledge Allegiance, walk them up steps to a second floor gymnasium, and lead them in the Pledge.

Tedesco, 55, a retired U.S. Marine major, and others who signed the petition didn't like that solution. "Saying the Pledge in the classroom is legal, convenient and traditional", stated Tedesco. And you know, he is absolutely right.

Where have we as a nation, and a people, come to? Instead of Pledging Allegiance to our country and our flag, we are in disputes over where and how. I for one agree with Mr. Tedesco, the classroom is the proper and right place to Pledge Allegiance. A question I have for Woodbury Elementary is where are the teachers, and why aren't they leading the Pledge.

I as Mr. Tedesco, am a veteran, and as I have always been honored to be one. I grew up Pledging Allegiance to my country and yes, saying a prayer each morning in school.
Today, as this article illustrates, we had rather argue over the wheres and hows, rather than focusing on the "Pledging" and why. We still live in the greatest nation on earth, and we are still free. It is my opinion that our children can not be hurt by Pledging Allegiance to the nation that protects and blesses them. It will, however, make them aware that we are one nation, under God and build a sense of patriotism within them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When I Was A Kid - This Country Was Free

I have recently finished reading G. Gordan Liddy's book "When I Was A Kid, This Was A Free Country". Mr. Liddy in his own hard-hitting style reveals his thoughts on the military, the environment, education, gun control and a host of other issues. In a refreshing candor he tackles these issues, sometimes making you angry with his no-holds-barred approach. I was transported back to my days as a kid, as I read Mr. Liddy's book, and found myself agreeing with much of what he says.

In chapter 1, entitled "Liberties Lost", Mr. Liddy gave the following examples from his childhood:

1. He and his young buddies could walk down the street with a rifle, handgun or shotgun bought by their father at the local hardware store. They would be on their way to the woods to bang away at tin cans or go hunting.

2. In the fall, the air would be filled with the scent of leaves burning.

3. You could see a farmer filling in some swamp on his land to make it productive.

4. People were free to speak their minds, people who didn't like it were free to say so-anywhere.

5. Property owners felt secure knowing their possessions couldn't be taken from them, and the very least they would be afforded due process of law.

6. On the 4th of July, fireworks could still be displayed by the citizens.

We as Americans continue to lose more and more of our liberties. Why? Why do we just sit by and let it happen? In this country there are those elite who believe they are entitled to tell us what to do or what not to do. They see you and I as incapable of making those decisions which govern our lives. You will find them concentrated in the news media, entertainment, legislative, judical and administrative government bureaucratices. They believe in the elimination of the individual and his will, as they seek to take more of our freedom.

The liberals think in terms of groups, never as individuals. If they should recognize the concept of individuality, then they in turn would have to recognize the existence of individual rights. I would encourage you to stand up for your rights as an individual, and as an American. Refuse to allow our freedoms to continually be hewed away until we have none left. Our Government exists to protect our lives, not to order them. It is up to you and I, to defend the liberties that we are so blessed to possess.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Easy Way Out

I had intended to talk about another controversial issue today, "Welfare", but I have decided to discuss another issue, maybe the core of the "Welfare" issue itself. I readily admit that I am not a great supporter of our current welfare system. I am employed in an Eastern Kentucky community where abuse of the system is rampant and uncontrolled. I know I am probally at odds with the administrators of the welfare program in the community, but when it is easier for an employee to obtain a welfare check than to continue working, something is wrong with the system.

I can't help but feel that welfare robs the individual. It robs them of their dignity and if they remain in the system, robs them of any desire to break free of the system. It is much easier to continue to make "excuses", look to the government and refuse to make efforts to fix the situation. Welfare becomes the easy way out. I continue to stand by the belief, that the government is for the truly "needy", those that genuinely need the help.

I have always heard, "You are never a failure until you begin to blame someone or something else". The blaming of something external to ourselves allows us to place the responsibility there also. If the majority would begin to accept personal responsibility, they would learn that when they make excuses...they accuse themselves. There may be many reasons for failure, but there isn't one single excuse.
If those caught up in the welfare system ever want to break free, they will have to crucify their excuses and commit themselves to breaking the chains that bind them. So, then the true issue of welfare, I believe is found in the word "desire".

Once an individual becomes dependant on the government, they receive a sense of security, but open themselves up to becoming comfortable and find their desire to change waning. Oh, they may know they will have a meal (food stamps), and may even live in government housing with no worry of shelter. They may even have a "medical card", eliminating any fear of not having health insurance. This life, however, quickly becomes an endless cycle of welfare and the individual loses their need to break free.

Where is the desire in welfare recipeints to develop a vision for their lives, and do what it takes to escape the chains of the system? Why do so many of our people choose to live on welfare, when they are more than capable of working for a living? These able-bodied people could be productive citizens if they would only choose to break the cycle. The key is of course found in "the want to". They, with all their excuses, choose "The Easy Way Out".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The View From Here On National Security

I am sure that you and I might be able to argue over wars in foreign lands, but domestic tranquility as Americans is our birthright. The preamble of our Constitution lays it out for us. I believe most Americans still find it hard to comprehend a war within our own borders, even after September 11, 2001. The American people have truly been blessed in regards to war in our own country, and we should never take that blessing for granted. It, however, is still an imminent threat and a threat we as a country must be proactive in identifying and combating. I return again to my previous post, stating first and foremost we must, without exception, secure our borders.

I believe we not only have come to the place where we tolerate illegal aliens in our country, but that we also encourage them. The State of Tennessee, in 2001, passed a law allowing illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license without a valid Social Security Number. The driver's license stations all across the state were swamped with illegal aliens from across the country. The state, under pressure from the Department of Homeland Security, set up "driving certificates" for illegal aliens. Later, in 2007, the state legislature of Tennessee voted to abandon the issuing of driving certificates altogether for illegals. Only one example of what began as an "encouragement" for illegal aliens.

John Lee Malvo, was the young accomplice in the D.C. Sniper murders. Mr. Malvo was a Jamaican who had stowed away on a cargo ship. Stowaways, in accordance with U.S. law, are to be immediately deported and without a hearing. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go immediately back to your country. Mr. Malvo was arrested on Dec. 19, 2001, only 3 months after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers, and the Pentagon. Again, under U.S. law, Mr. Malvo should have been immediately deported. He was released, however, under his own recognizance. It was then, that he joined with Mr. John Allen Muhammed who was the D.C. sniper. One of the greatest benefits, of the screening process, for anyone seeking a visa into our country is to prevent the entry of known criminals.

We must secure our borders, and begin to do so immediately. If we are to maintain our National Security, this must be a task at the top of our priority list. My friends, if you and I are not safe within our own borders, then we simply are not free. I agree with others that the sensible thing to do is to place our military at our borders, and allow them to enforce our border laws. I know, I can already hear all of you who are saying that would be the military performing a domestic law enforcement activity, which is to be prevented. Somehow, I don't see the repelling of foreign invaders, as engagement in what is considered a domestic law enforcement activity. I believe our purpose would be the protection of our country from the "outside" forces, who illegally try to enter our country. The truth, our military was formed and designed to defend and protect the American people. I am a veteran and I remember the oath I was sworn to in regards to defending my country. I was sworn to defend my country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Illegal immigration is one of the greatest threats to the United States, and we need to stop making excuses and immediately begin protecting ourselves. If we are to maintain National Security, it will begin with securing our borders and controlling illegal immigrants.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

In my recent readings, I spent quite some time on the subject of Illegal Immigration into the United States. A touchy issue with some I know. I, however, in reviewing the subject discovered facts that shocked me, and I am sure will shock you.

We have immigration laws for a reason. I believe that they were designed as a filter for all those seeking to enter the United States of America. In addition, it is one of our country's primary duties to control our borders. The reason we have the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to start with is to protect our citizens from criminals who flee their own country. It is also to protect us from disease that might be brought into our country by an immigrant.

Today, I want to discuss the "cost" of illegal immigration not only in monetary terms, but also in lives. Rice University conducted a study in 1997 that placed the net cost at $20 billion. The study stated that this included the cost of education, incarceration, food stamps, housing and a host of other type costs amounting to near $33 billion. In 1997 they concluded that the amount of taxes paid by illegals was around $12.6 billion. When we subtract the $12.6 billion from the $33 billion, the total cost to the US equals $20 billion. $20 billion in 1997, does that shock you?

This year, in 2008, ESR Research released a study that placed the number of immigrants in the US, legally and illegally, at 37 million. The estimated federal cost alone equaled $346 billion. A part of this equation was the loss of $100 billion in federal taxes lost "from the reduction of native incomes caused by immigrant workers". It is estimated that 12 million of the 37 million immigrants in this country are here illegally, and that is believed to be on the low side. That is one third of the total immigrants in this country. The study revealed that using this number of 12 million illegals, the total cost to the federal government would be near $115 billion.

The human cost of illegal immigration is frightening to say the least. The Violent Crimes Institute has estimated that there are 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in our country. That comes out to 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sex offenders that will cross the borders into the United States, every day! Every day. The numbers tell us that each sex offender averages 4 victims. That's almost a million victims from this one study alone. Just so you will know, the cases reviewed in this study revealed that: 35 percent were child molestations, 24 percent were rapes, and 41 percent were sexual homicides and serial murders. How can we bear this?

Illegal aliens continue to stream across our borders from Mexico, of which the Federal Government can not keep tabs on. Congressman Steve King (R-IA) conducted a study using government records, cross-referencing them with arrest records and prison population estimates, and found the following results. Each day, on the average, 12 Americans are murdered by illegal aliens. 4,380 per year. Congressman King's study also revealed that estimates indicate 13 people are killed by illegal aliens in traffic accidents each day, mostly from driving drunk. That's a total of 25 Americans killed each day, 9,125 per year, because we won't secure and control our borders.

We must take action, and eliminate these deaths. Secure our borders, take away the free benefits offered so readily and hold employers accountible for hiring illegals.
The time is now, and we must get serious about protecting our borders. Let's put a stop to the free services beyond life-saving measures, and those that come here will be those desiring to go through due process and become a citizen of our country.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mountain Sounds

I have always loved the sounds of bluegrass music, mountain music and gospel. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, and bluegrass was very much alive and well there. The sounds of bluegrass and gospel, still echo in my memories as a boy growing up there in the mountains. So, as the years have passed, I have only grown to love them more. I have placed several links here on my blog for bluegrass, mountain and gospel music...try a couple, you may be the next mountain music fan. Hey, even if you should find you don't like the sound, at least, you gave a listen.

I am listing below the winners of the "International Bluegrass Music Association" Awards for 2008. I am sure you will see it was a big night for Dailey and Vincent, a group that has just recently emerged on the scene. I encourage you to visit the websites of these winners, and sit a spell, as you listen to some "Mountain Sounds".

God Bless, until the next time.


Dailey & Vincent


Dailey & Vincent


Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper


Jamie Dailey


Dale Ann Bradley


"Through The Window Of A Train," Blue Highway (artists),
Tim Stafford & Steve Gulley (songwriters)


Dailey & Vincent, Dailey & Vincent (artists), Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent (producers), Rounder Records


Everett Lilly & Everybody and Their Brother, Featuring Everett Lilly, Bea Lilly, Charles Lilly, Daniel Lilly, Mark Lilly, Marty Stuart, Rhonda Vincent, Billy Walker, Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury, David Ball, Charlie Cushman, Larry Stephenson, Joe Spivey, Eddie Stubbs, Jason Carter, Dickey Lee, Freddy Weller, Mike Bub, Rad Lewis, Andy May, Darrin Vincent, Marcia Campbell, Clay Rigdon, Eric Blankenship & Bill Wolfenbarger (artists), Charles Lilly & Bill Wolfenbarger (producers), Swift River Music


Sound of the Slide Guitar, Andy Hall (artist & producer), Sugar Hill Records


"By The Mark," Dailey & Vincent (artists), Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent (producers), Rounder Records


Dailey & Vincent

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Personal Philosophy

"Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out." Jim Rohn

What is your "personal philosophy"? What propels you forward to toward success, and winning in life?

The storms of life will come to us all, and we will experience the winds of failure, hurt, heartache, pain, and disappointment. These are seas you and I each will surely have to sail on, but we all don't reach the same destinations. Why do we arrive at different places, some at harbors filled with success and others at the harbor of failure.

The major difference isn't the sea we have sailed on, for we know we each face the same circumstances; it's the way we think, our personal philosophy. It seems there are times, that no matter how hard we try, things just seem to fall apart. Our lives are filled with challenges we must face, and we find them in all areas of our life. It isn't what happens to us that determines the quality of our lives, but it is how we think about what happened. It is our personal philosophy. The way we think and respond has a greater ability to destroy our lives than any of the challenges we may face. How quickly we respond to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself. The great challenge of life is to control our own thinking.

A great way to build a new and powerful philosophy is to take a look at the conclusions you already have about life. "If it isn't working for you, it's probably working against you". If it isn't working, change things, you have that ability.

There are people from every walk of life, who have experienced incredible experiences, that have written about those experiences. The contributions of these people allow us to develop our thinking, and refine our philosophy. Books are a gift that are filled with treasures that can change our lives, economics, health and careers for the better. If we will only read them.

As we refine our philosophy, we should be committed to paying attention during our day, observing what's going on and becoming a good listener. The people we have around us, should be people we respect and admire. We should be able to learn and grow from them, being inspired and stimulated by them.

Every day that we live, will be filled with dozens of choices, moments that we will be called upon to make a decision. Each of these decisions will chart a path to where we are headed in our future. We need to make wise choices. If we have a sound philosophy, we will be better prepared to make these decisions.

Build and refine your philosophy. Commit yourself to it, and say "I'm going to change my life". Tomorrow, I will be better, for today I will have learned more, listened better and made better choices.

Jim Rohn's 10 Steps to Success

1. If you will change, everything will change for you.
2. Spend time and money on things that count.
3. Don't spend too much time or money on things that don't count.
4. Instead of getting through the day, get from the day.
5. Take charge of your own life.
6. Repetition is the labor of skill.
7. Put yourself through an activity plan.
8. Clean up your neglect.
9. Spend more money on the inside of your head, than on the outside.
10. Remember, that time is more valuable than money and if you find something of
value, try it.